Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pope Francis !

Pope Francis has surprised everyone!  Hardly anybody in the world knew who he was before Pope Benedict resigned.  And now he is winning the hearts and minds of millions of people the world over with his personality, his sermons, and his humility.  This great servant of Christ loves the poor, and is filled with the Holy Spirit. He was one of the leaders of the Catholic Charismatic movement in Argentina, and now the love of God, also known as the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Blessed Trinity, is overflowing at the Vatican.  Just the other day, the people in his audience were hollering out "FRANCIS, FRANCIS, FRANCIS!"  And the Pope told them they were wrong, and that they should be hollering out "JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!"  You gotta love a humble Pope like that!

Pope Francis has also warned us all about the evils of so-called "homosexual marriage," stating that:

"At stake is the identity and survival of the family: father, mother and children. At stake are the lives of many children who will be discriminated against in advance, and deprived of their human development given by a father and a mother and willed by God. At stake is the total rejection of God's law engraved in our hearts.

This is not simply a political struggle, but an attempt to destroy God's plan. It is not just a bill but a move of the Father of Lies, who seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God."

He is so correct, and he says it greatly with a scarcity of words that need no interpreter. This plain spoken man says more truth in 2 paragraphs than most politicians say in a lifetime.

God Bless Pope Francis!

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