Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The IRS and YOUR Hellthcare!

The IRS has been caught red-handed attacking the foes of Obama.  Their commissioner, someone called Lois Lerner, has pled the Fifth Amendment in front of a Congressional hearing, bringing back the echos of the Mafia and the Watergate conspirators.  Why is this so important to you and me?

Because starting in 2014, Obama hellthcare kicks in, and the enforcer of that government plan will be none other than the IRS. Now, in addition to telling the IRS who you gave money to (The Tea Party, perhaps?), you will have to tell them about your health and your health care plan.  Is there anyone out there so foolish who thinks that these thugs at the IRS aren't going after the political enemies of their beloved Obama?

The problem is that the people in charge of this organization see Obama as some kind of messiah, and they will do his bidding no matter what, even if it means breaking the law.  The thought of a political machine like the democrats and their henchmen in the IRS doling out hellthcare is appalling to most folks.  

Everything is changing in this country, thanks to the mental midgets who voted for Obama because he is black.  Not taking into account his position on the US Constitution and Civil Rights is the biggest mistake Obama voters will ever make in their entire lives. The USA is rapidly becoming the USSA (The United Soviet States of Amerika), and most liberals seem not to care.  But when the goose is killed (capitalism) that lays all of their golden eggs (welfare), maybe then they will wake up. The question is, "Will it be too late?"

May God have mercy on us all...

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